The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

An Inspired piece of fan-art

I began making dolls inspired by the book in 2010. A teacher was looking for someone in the Etsy Plush Team to recreate the china doll completely in fabric so the children could put on a play. And recently I was approached by someone looking for a miracle, with a deadline and no dolls.

And as the person making them some dolls had become unable to make them, I said yes I would give it a go.

Despite being shattered, because they all left my hands today, I also feel accomplished and a little sad, there’s something about Edward and this was the first time I made some of the outfits shown here.

My daughter Mary wanted to see him as Suzanna and I couldn’t wait to make Malone, using a felted woolly jumper so that it won’t fray on stage.

I wonder if I will get to see any pictures of these guys performing? Well, in any case, it’s lovely to still be making Edwards after 11 years.

Have you got one of my dolls?

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